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Is Picking the Cheapest Realtor a Good Idea?

Price vs. Value Undoubtedly, lots of home sellers who pose that question this Spring will answer “yes.” But if you then asked them if that’s how they chose their lawyer or CPA or family doctor . . . they’d look at you like you were crazy. Sophisticated consumers — of all professional services — know that...
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I Suppose That’s One Way to Deal With a “No Pets” Policy

Redefining “Full Service” I recently showed a Minnetonka condo that didn’t work for my client because of the building’s “No Pets” policy (we both somehow managed to miss that in the fine print). Upon hearing the objection, the listing agent volunteered that she would be “delighted” to find another home for my client’s dog.  How very, uhhh . . ....
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"59′ Lakeshore" vs. "Waterfront"

“Full Service” vs. “Discount” Realtors Much attention is paid to what Realtors get paid. A lot less to what services they perform for that money. The reality is that there is no such thing as a “discount Realtor” offering full service. Rather, what they offer is more properly called “limited service.” What do I mean...
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"Full Service," Defined

Attention to Detail + Hands On Role What exactly do Realtors mean when they say they’re “full service?” It’s certainly a fair question, because a full service commission in the Twin Cities these days typically ranges from 6% – 7%. By contrast, “discount” Realtors charge 5% or even less (“limited service” is actually a better...
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