January 14, 2012

I Suppose That’s One Way to Deal With a “No Pets” Policy

Redefining “Full Service” I recently showed a Minnetonka condo that didn’t work for my client because of the building’s “No Pets” policy (we both somehow managed to miss that in the fine print). Upon hearing the objection, the listing agent volunteered that she would be “delighted” to find another home for my client’s dog.  How very, uhhh . . ....
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Their Op-Ed Submission Policy . . . . and Mine

David vs. Goliath(s) Once upon a time (like in the ’90’s), my Op-Ed pieces, letters to the editor, etc. were regularly published by The Star Tribune, City Business, and even The New York Times. I stopped counting, but not before the tally reached several dozen pieces. In the intervening 20 years or, I don’t think that I’ve become a worse writer,...
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Who’s Watching the Listing?

Saved Searches on MLS How many people are watching a listing? And why does it matter? If a listing isn’t selling, one of the tools Realtors have to gauge interest today is how many prospective Buyers have “saved” the property on MLS; the more people who’ve save the property, the logic goes, the more likely...
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