Edina Realty annual meeting

Housing Market Bellwether: Auto Sales

Edina Realty “Expo 2014” One of the reasons Edina Realty’s annual meeting (called “Expo 2014”) is a “must-attend” for company agents is that it affords us rank-and-file a chance to hear what the brass thinks is in store for the upcoming year. So, what did Bob and Ron Peltier — Home Services of America CEO...
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Buying a Home: Is Now a Good Time?

Not Following the Herd Be fearful when others are confident and confident when others are fearful. –Warren Buffett Of all Buffett’s quotes, the one above might be the most popular; it’s certainly the most cited the last 2-3 years (and was quoted frequently by Ben Stein at Edina’s annual meeting Wednesday). So, is now a...
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Facebook Nation?

Facebook More Populous than . . . Europe! Once upon a time, to convey exactly how big California’s economy is, experts would point out that, if California were a country, its economy would rank 7th or 8th in the world. By that same yardstick, Facebook’s growth is even more impressive. If its users were a...
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Actor-Lawyer-Economist — and Keynote Speaker — Ben Stein

Rent-a-Joke: [Fill in Name of Chief Rival Here] One gets the feeling that Ben Stein, who gave the keynote address at Edina Realty’s annual meeting today, is an old hand at “riding” the corporate meeting circuit. The clues? –The crowd-pleasing shots he took at Edina Realty’s senior “pooh-bah’s” and their corporate jet (do they have...
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