January 20, 2010

Actor-Lawyer-Economist — and Keynote Speaker — Ben Stein

Rent-a-Joke: [Fill in Name of Chief Rival Here] One gets the feeling that Ben Stein, who gave the keynote address at Edina Realty’s annual meeting today, is an old hand at “riding” the corporate meeting circuit. The clues? –The crowd-pleasing shots he took at Edina Realty’s senior “pooh-bah’s” and their corporate jet (do they have...
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Realtors vs. Politicians

Securing One’s “Base” No, I’m not going to weigh in on the Massachusetts Senate race (at least not on this blog). But I am going to note — as I have before — the surprising parallels between politics and real estate. Politicians have a core group of supporters, called their “base.” Realtors have a core...
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What is a "Cooperative Client?"

How Realtors Grade Clients Clients may have a select few words for their Realtors, but Realtors also have some favorite words for their clients. No, not %!%*#! Rather, how “cooperative” they are. What do I mean by that? For Sellers, client cooperation boils down to these three things: 1. Pricing. A cooperative client picks a...
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