January 21, 2010

Go Get ‘Em, Nell!

“Oprah,” “Ellen” . . . and “Nell!” Nell Minow, scheduled to testify before Congress on Friday on the subject of Wall Street pay, is one of my favorite people . . . in the world (at least that I’m not related or married to). She has been following executive pay for decades, and no one...
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Facebook Nation?

Facebook More Populous than . . . Europe! Once upon a time, to convey exactly how big California’s economy is, experts would point out that, if California were a country, its economy would rank 7th or 8th in the world. By that same yardstick, Facebook’s growth is even more impressive. If its users were a...
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Toting Up the Equity Hit

The $7 Trillion Hole in the EconomyWould you be tightening your belt if your house had dropped $50k-$60k in value in the last four years? Probably. And if you’d taken out a home equity loan against your home when it was worth $50k-$60k more . . . almost definitely. Now, take that $50k-$$60k drop in...
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