Stealth Home Issues: “Top 10” Things a Virtual Tour Won’t Tell You

“Virtual” vs. “Analog” (In-Person) Showings I certainly understand the temptation — in a worsening Pandemic — to substitute a virtual home tour for the real thing.** But, prospective Buyers should be aware that there are some critical limitations. Here’s my “Top Ten” list of things that are difficult (if not impossible) to detect online: One....
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Why Backlit Home Photos Are More Popular in Winter (at least in the Twin Cities)

Do Real Estate Photographers Get Overtime Pay?? They Should I’m a huge fan of backlit home photos like the one above. What’s more inviting or dramatic than a character-filled home — perhaps framed by snow — with all its lights blazing at dusk? While it’s purely anecdotal, at least in the Twin Cities, such photos seem...
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Putting the Pandemic in Perspective

Total Cost = 94(!) Hurricane Katrina’s The coronavirus crisis has cost the United States at least $16 trillion in terms of lost lives, lost quality of life, and lost economic activity. –Amitabh Chandra, Harvard health economist; quoted in The New York Times (11/14/2020). Just how big a wallop is the pandemic? It may be years...
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What Leadership in a Pandemic Looks Like

Profile in Courage Competence When the virus hit, neither Mr. Trump nor the federal government were technically in charge. Most of the decisive constitutional powers ” closing schools or ordering people to stay home ” lay with U.S. governors and mayors. But the President immediately assumed a leading role, coordinating regular exchanges between the governors,...
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A Fourth of July Like No Other

Waiting for More Shoes to Drop(??) As the U.S. prepares to celebrate its 244th(!) Independence Day this weekend, an unusual sense of uncertainty if not foreboding looms over much of the nation. Depending on who you are (Black or White, rich or poor, employed or not) and where you live (New York City, Houston, or...
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Listing Agent to Prospective Buyers: “You May Want to Skip This House” (Huh?!?)

Hiding Highlighting Potential Dealbreakers OK, so the listing agent (representing the Seller) didn’t tell prospective Buyers that they may want to skip her client’s “For Sale” Edina home. She told Buyers’ agents. Specifically, the listing agent used an MLS section only visible to Realtors, “Agent Remarks,” to highlight a potential deal breaker: If your clients...
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