November 17, 2020

The Key to Successful Negotiating: “Getting to Yes?” Or, “Getting to No?”

Establishing ” and Testing ” Boundaries If you go to the Business section of any bookstore, you’ll see any number of books on negotiation titled, “Getting to Yes!,” “Win-Win Negotiation,” etc. In my experience, however, the key to effective negotiation lies not in getting to “yes,” but getting to “no.” Or perhaps more accurately: before...
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Why Backlit Home Photos Are More Popular in Winter (at least in the Twin Cities)

Do Real Estate Photographers Get Overtime Pay?? They Should I’m a huge fan of backlit home photos like the one above. What’s more inviting or dramatic than a character-filled home — perhaps framed by snow — with all its lights blazing at dusk? While it’s purely anecdotal, at least in the Twin Cities, such photos seem...
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