July 7, 2020

Runner-Up Home Buyer Lament: “But, I Would’ve Gone Higher!”

“Highest & Best,” Defined One of the more anguished ” and fruitless ” laments uttered by Buyers who just heard they lost in multiple offers is:  “But, I would’ve gone higher!” Then, they should have. The way “highest & best” works is . . . pretty much how you’d think. One round, highest and best...
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Quick! Who Does the Selling Agent Represent?

True or false: what Realtors call “the selling agent” once a deal closes represents the Seller (no, this isn’t another “Grant’s Tomb” question). Answer:  false. The agent who represents the owner/seller is called “the listing agent”; post-closing, the Buyer’s agent is referred to as “the selling agent.” Nomenclature Once you work in real estate sales...
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What Leadership in a Pandemic Looks Like

Profile in Courage Competence When the virus hit, neither Mr. Trump nor the federal government were technically in charge. Most of the decisive constitutional powers ” closing schools or ordering people to stay home ” lay with U.S. governors and mayors. But the President immediately assumed a leading role, coordinating regular exchanges between the governors,...
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