cold weather

“True Minnesotan” — Summer Edition

I now have a warm-weather complement to my post, “True Minnesotan,” Defined“: A true Minnesotan — if they happen to be in the landscaping business — chides you every year for hiring them instead of having your able-bodied teenage sons mow your lawn.” My standard retort: “Do you encourage all your clients to fire you?”...
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2nd Chances, 1st Impressions & Broker Tour

“On Market January 27 February 3!” When the turnout at a home on Broker Tour (the weekly open house circuit for Realtors each Tuesday) is disappointing . . . it’s appropriate to schedule a “do-over.”  See, “Broker Tour ‘Encores.'” However, in my experience the “makeup” open house seldom attracts a big crowd, either, even if...
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Racing to Line Up Contractors Before Winter (Huh?!?)

Worrying About Snow & Ice When It’s 100º With Twin Cities temps hovering in the mid-to-high 90’s this past week and Labor Day Weekend not even past, it may seem odd to note approaching Fall work deadlines. But it’s true. While many roofers will work through the winter, good ones will stop for the season...
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“Not Funny, Whole Foods!”

Poor — and Well-Timed — Sales Either someone at the local Whole Foods has a sick sense of humor (it’s in the 30’s and snowing — again — in the Twin Cities at the moment). Or more likely, someone in corporate — literally 1,000 miles away in Austin, Texas — decided to put suntan lotion...
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Weather Illusions — Twin Cities Edition

Shorts in February  Quick — which represents a bigger swing in temperature:  10 below to 50 degrees above, or 30 degrees to 90 degrees? Answer:  they’re exactly the same, 60 degrees difference. But my guess is that if you live in a temperate climate, anything below, say, 40 degrees just seems  . . . cold....
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