I now have a warm-weather complement to my post, “True Minnesotan,” Defined“:

A true Minnesotan — if they happen to be in the landscaping business — chides you every year for hiring them instead of having your able-bodied teenage sons mow your lawn.”

My standard retort: “Do you encourage all your clients to fire you?” 🙂**

Household Chores Circa 2021

For the record, my sons do help with the household.

It’s just that it’s all tech-related, and is usually in response to a frustrated/pathetic plea from me or my wife vs. a parental decree . . .

**Our landscaper also sent us a very nice, handwritten condolence card after our long-time family pet — a Golden Retriever named “Raffy” — died this past winter.

See also, ““There’s No Place Like Home”: Garrison Keillor’s Homage to the Twin Cities in National Geographic“; and “Winter Humor: Minnesota vs. Tampa Bay (& Elsewhere).”

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