“True Minnesotan” — Summer Edition

I now have a warm-weather complement to my post, “True Minnesotan,” Defined“: A true Minnesotan — if they happen to be in the landscaping business — chides you every year for hiring them instead of having your able-bodied teenage sons mow your lawn.” My standard retort: “Do you encourage all your clients to fire you?”...
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I Know Why That Upper Lip is Stiff (It’s Frozen!)

Stoic Minnesotans, Mid-Fall 2018 Edition What do Minnesotans say when overnight low’s — in mid-November! — drop into the single digits? (never mind that the windchill Friday night was below zero). No, not “OMG, it’s #@%$# cold!!” Try, “It’s getting kinda  . . . chilly out there” (yup, “chilly”). That’s it. If that seems crazy to...
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“The Revenant” Movie Review: Is Physical Suffering Acting?

“The Game of Thrones” Look If stoically braving the elements for months on end qualified someone for an acting award, then half the state of Minnesota — at least in a typical winter — should be up for an Oscar.   🙂 But, assuming that such suffering only counts when it’s in the service of...
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“Top Ten” Things I Like About the Twin Cities

“Everyone should live in California, but leave before they get soft.  Everyone should live in Manhattan, but leave before they get hard.” –Anonymous [Editor’s Note:  David Letterman may be about to broadcast his last show, but his comedic contributions — including “Top Ten” lists — will live on.  In that vein . . . I...
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