April Fool’s 2021 — Realtor Edition

“Can I Please Speak to Myra Mains?” Courtesy of retired Edina Realty office manager Josh Kaplan, here is a classic April Fool’s joke for — make that on — Realtors, especially “newbie” Realtors. The front desk leaves a voicemail for the intended Realtor-victim (plural, ideally), telling them that they have a lead for them. The...
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Book Review: Scott Galloway’s “The Algebra of Happiness”

  We all know somebody who’s successful, in great shape, plays in a band, is close with their parents, volunteers at the ASPCA, and has a food blog. Assume you’re not that person.” –Scott Galloway, “The Algebra of Happiness.” Want to get a reader’s attention? Here’s. One. Way. But, if you overuse such techniques —...
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Mitch McConnell’s Filibuster Bluster

The Opposite of Teddy Roosevelt Let me say this very clearly for all 99 of my colleagues: Nobody serving in this chamber can even begin, can even begin, to imagine what a completely scorched-earth Senate would look like . . . This chaos would not open up an express lane to liberal change. It would...
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“True Minnesotan” — Summer Edition

I now have a warm-weather complement to my post, “True Minnesotan,” Defined“: A true Minnesotan — if they happen to be in the landscaping business — chides you every year for hiring them instead of having your able-bodied teenage sons mow your lawn.” My standard retort: “Do you encourage all your clients to fire you?”...
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Sunny Weather, Vaccines(?) Bring Crowds to Lake

Friday, March 19 @ 5 p.m.: Quarantine Fatigue + Spring Fever + TGIF No, I couldn’t tell if all those drivers were wearing masks. No matter. The warm temps (low 50’s) and brisk (10 mph) wind make a mask-free walk around Lake Bde Maka Ska (nee “Calhoun”) a low risk/high reward activity. I just finished...
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Free Flocking

I’ll leave it to meteorologists to explain what causes it (temperature inversion? freezing fog?). Whatever the reason, the Twin Cities woke up to an especially pretty, late Winter scene this morning. Enjoy it while you can: temps in the 50’s by the weekend will make the effect short-lived.
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