Too-Loose Sharpie Pen Caps: Bug or Feature?

Dried Up I’m starting to think the manufacturer of Sharpie pens (my favored writing instrument, along with a blue ink, .50 micron Uni-ball pen) has stumbled upon an especially clever — and diabolical — way to sell more pens: design a too-loose pen cap. When it invariably falls off, the pen dries up — and...
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How Buyers in Multiples Can Make Their Offer Stand Out (Besides Price)

Multiple Offer Photo Finish If you’re a home seller trying to decide among four virtually identical offers for your home (Yay!!), which one do you choose? At least for one recent Twin Cities seller, the tiebreaker was the Inspection Contingency. Specifically, one of the four offers included a $500 cap on any inspection requests. Painless...
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Is the Mortgage Interest Deduction on the (Chopping) Block?

That’s the concern amongst Realtor-types — and anyone else who has a vested interest in the health of the housing market. Which really means . . . everyone. I think there is a strong, two-part argument for leaving it alone:  1) don’t do anything to effectively make housing more expensive, while it’s still in recovery mode; and 2) something...
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