“The Byerly’s Buffer”

No More Door Dings? “Murphy’s Law for parking lots:  never park next to a car in worse condition than yours.” –Ross Kaplan I have no idea if local grocery store chain Byerly’s in fact came up with the idea — but that’s where I first saw it, a few weeks ago:  a double stripe between...
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NYC Dispatches, Cont.

From the Mouths of Babes [Editor’s Note:  my blog posts the past week have more been more intermittent — and spiced with NY anecdotes — because I just returned from there.  Memo to self:  put away the sharp elbows and aggressive driving (adaptive in NY, but out-of-place in the more congenial, laid-back Midwest.] Compiling an exhaustive list...
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“BOGO?” What’s “BOGO?!”

New Acronyms & Conformist Fruit My favorite place to get a sub sandwich in college was TOGO’s — short for “To Go.” Somehow, “BOGO” — “Buy one, get one free” — just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Nevertheless, that’s the new term plastered all over the Byerly’s weekly coupon circular. Time will tell...
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Noah at the Grocery Store Checkout Line

“Buy One, Get One Free” My “Noah” line  got a chuckle out of the cashier checking me out at Lund’s this morning. Courtesy of all their “2-for-1”  specials, my purchase consisted of two boxes of cereal, two chicken breasts, two packages of sliced turkey, two OJ’s, etc., etc. You get the idea . . ....
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The Brilliance of Redbox

(Foot) Traffic Driver If you’ve stepped foot in (or in front of) a Byerly’s, McDonald’s, or a zillion other retail outlets in the last two years or so, you’ve undoubtedly seen them: big, red kiosks with the name “Redbox” on them. Each one is stocked with the most popular 100 or so DVD’s, which rent...
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St. Louis Park (Retail) Showdown

Target vs. Byerly’s There’s an interesting little retail showdown unfolding right now in St. Louis Park, just east of Highway 100. On the south side of 36th St. is a Byerly’s grocery store (the flagship, actually). Directly across the street is a Target (the “regular,” not “Super Target” variety). As the ubiquitous signs alert you,...
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