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“Broker Tour Cancelled!” (Is That Good or Bad?!?)

Question #2: Good or Bad for Whom?? Is it good news or bad news that a home scheduled to be on “Broker Tour” ” essentially, open houses for local Realtors each Tuesday in the Twin Cities ” abruptly cancelled? Answer: it depends. It’s good news — at least for the Seller, if not frustrated Buyers — if...
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When to Fire Your Realtor: Four Signs

Just because a home hasn’t sold doesn’t mean that the Realtor is doing a bad job. But, if your home is lingering on the market, it’s imperative to know why. Here are four signs that the problem may not be your home, but your Realtor. One. Mediocrity (or worse). Fortunately, egregious Realtor ineptitude is usually...
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Best Metric for Evaluating Realtors? “Average Number of Showings Per Listing”

Realtor Scorecard Yeah, yeah, there are dozens of metrics (quantitative benchmarks) for judging how good/effective Realtors are (Brokers, too). For most consumers (and not a few Realtors), however, there’s really only one number that counts: Yup, sales. No surprise, the agents who sell the most homes each year proudly trumpet that fact in their email,...
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“Can I Hold Your New Listing Open?”

Retail vs. Wholesale Open Houses One of the best, early omens for a new listing is when agents leaving the Broker Open casually toss off compliments like “nice listing,” “good job!,” or simply “congratulations.” What’s another? When several newer, less experienced agents contact you, asking if they can hold a weekend open house at your...
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How Realtors “Show Support” For One Another

Sure, sure, Realtors show support for their colleagues any number of ways. They include: —Offering price opinions on about-to-be-listed homes; —Offering price opinions on homes that are already on the market (and not selling) ” plus, ideally, some marketing suggestions. —Simply offering a sympathetic (and discreet) ear when a colleague is wrestling with a challenging...
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Exceptional Property . . . Exceptional Turnout

3920 Thomas Ave. South in Minneapolis’ Linden Hills Neighborhood One of the best signs for a “For Sale” home is a well-attended Broker Tour (an open house for Realtors, held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Tuesday in the Twin Cities). What’s another? When a just-completed new home — in this case, Morgan Clawson’s listing on...
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