April 13, 2019

Best Metric for Evaluating Realtors? “Average Number of Showings Per Listing”

Realtor Scorecard Yeah, yeah, there are dozens of metrics (quantitative benchmarks) for judging how good/effective Realtors are (Brokers, too). For most consumers (and not a few Realtors), however, there’s really only one number that counts: Yup, sales. No surprise, the agents who sell the most homes each year proudly trumpet that fact in their email,...
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Staging Mistake #7: Can YOU Spot the Blunder?

Staging “Do’s” and (Mostly) “Don’ts” At least IMHO, staging is at least 80% subtraction — removing, uncovering, and emptying out — rather than addition, i.e., adding wall art, accents, flowers, etc. to the about-to-be sold home. Exhibit A: NOT covering a big, light bay window with a dark, light-blocking panel TV (center right of photo,...
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