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“The Boys”: ‘Top 10’ Most Indelible Scenes

Spoiler Alert  * * * Spoiler Alert  * * * Spoiler Alert  * * *  I have a dark theory about why Amazon Prime’s super hero send-up, “The Boys,” is such a smash hit: its indelible imagery is so shocking — either violent, carnal . . . or simultaneously both(!) — that it supplants,** if...
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“Top 10” Most Anticipated Series Finales

Tonight:  Last Episode of “Fargo” Season #2 You have your list, I have mine . . . 1. “Seinfeld” (1998) 2. “The Sopranos” (2007) 3.  “M*A*S*H” (1983) 4. “Breaking Bad” (2013) 5.  “Cheers” (1993) 6.  “Friends” (2004) 7.  “Newhart” (1991) 8.  “How I Met Your Mother” (2014) 9. “Fargo” — Season #2 (2015)  **tonight** 10....
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“Is this what you want, Lester? Is . . this . . what . . you . . want? Yes or no?”

The Most Chilling Crime Scene Since “The Usual Suspects” Lorne Malvo:  “Is this what you want, Lester?  Is . . this . . what . . you . . want?  Yes, or no?” Lester Nygaard:  “Yes.” Such is the chilling exchange/showdown between “heavy” Lorne Malvo and once-upon-a-time good guy(?) and former milquetoast Lester Nygaard in the...
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Picking an Actor (and Realtor): Wanting Someone “Who’s Done it Before”

When the Audition . . . is a Previous Gig If you’re not a “Breaking Bad” fan, the highlight(s) of last night’s episode (“Granite State”) were Bryan Cranston’s brilliant scenes with Robert Forster (also terrific in a supporting role as the father-in-law in “The Descendants”). Best scene of all:  where the two negotiate for Forster,...
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TV’s Murderers’ Row* (Pun Intended)

I suppose whether or not today’s TV and cable series are remembered as TV’s Golden Era (or at least a Golden Era) depends on what comes next. But, one can make the case — and I would — that nearly one-half of the greatest TV shows ever are, remarkably, currently on the air. That includes “young”...
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“The Bird” vs. “The Fly”

“What Were They Thinking??” Department Fans of “Breaking Bad” (I am) will get a shock of recognition reading the following news item, from a couple weeks ago: An ill-conceived effort to get rid of a pesky bird at a cookie factory with a dose of bird shot backfired when a worker at a dough machine was hit...
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