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Waiting for the Leaves to FALL (Yes, FALL) to Take Home Photos

(Late) Fall vs. Spring Photos Normally, Realtors wait for the trees to open, lawns to green up, etc. to take home photos. All that color is more flattering than brown, leaf-less trees and landscaping. The exception? When in-season foliage obscures the home (or, at least some angles). No More Garage Shots Then, it can actually...
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Which VIP Visited the Twin Cities This Morning??

TWO Types of Drone “No Fly” Zones Unbeknownst to me until this morning, there are actually TWO types of “no fly” zones governing the use of drones. They are: 1) permanent “no fly” zones — typically adjacent to airports, where drones could interfere with low-flying commercial aircraft; and 2) temporary “no fly” zones, which are...
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“It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a . . . Drone?!?”

Drones may be controversial in modern warfare. But, there’s at least one field where they’re an unmitigated blessing:  residential real estate. Specifically, drones — or at least their first cousins, remote-controlled helicopters — have dramatically reduced the cost of getting shots like the ones of this home, in Golden Valley’s Hidden Lakes neighborhood. See also, “Show >...
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Misleading Exterior Shots — Exhibit A

Broken Clocks & Out-of-Season MLS Photos* Quick!  Test your knowledge of residential real estate and guess how big the Minnetonka home pictured above is: A. 1,200 finished square feet (“FSF”); B. 1,656 FSF; C. 2,370 FSF; D. 5,849 FSF.** Answer:  “D.” (believe it or not, at least according to MLS). When the curb appeal is...
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“Modern Family” Realtor Reality Check

Drones & Residential Real Estate It hardly detracts from the story line, but it’s not exactly the case that real estate brokers now have their own drones*, which they make available to their agents (pictured at left:  fictional Realtor Phil Dunphy operating said drone). Rather, professional photographers are adding aerial shots taken by drones to...
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From Curb Appeal to Roof(?) Appeal

Going to Great Lengths (Literally) For an Exterior Home Shot Normally, I think it’s a mistake to skip an exterior shot of the front of the home. That’s because — however underwhelming the home’s curb appeal may be — prospective Buyers will assume it’s worse when there’s no photo. Every rule has its exception, though,...
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