Baby Boomer Role Reversal

Realtor to Clients:  “Is There Anyone Else You’d Like to Be Involved in the Process?” When Baby Boomers are in their 50’s and their kids are in their 20’s, it’s the kids relying on their parents’ advice (and often, financial help) when it comes to making housing decisions. Fifteen years later? It’s now the parents...
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Money Magazine’s Advice to Home Buyers: How Accurate?

At Least One Bullseye:  “Hire a Good Realtor” Money Magazine is out with its 2016 Spring Real Estate Guide, subtitled “The 35 Best Moves for Buyers, Sellers, and Owners Now.” Do the authors know what they’re talking about? Here’s the magazine’s advice for first-time Buyers (“Starting Out”), followed by my running commentary in italics: Money Magazine:...
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Hiring “the Kids’ Realtor”: Marketing to Millennials to Reach Baby Boomers

(Adult) Kids Who Recommend Their Realtor to Their Parents As Millennials become more active in the housing market (yay!), their Realtors (myself included) are enjoying a fringe benefit:  a leg up marketing to their Baby Boomer parents. I see two reasons why “the kids’ Realtor” has the inside track landing their parents’ business — often,...
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Dealing With Bad Behavior: Three Choices

Bad Behavior, Bad Actor It doesn’t happen often, but I’ve certainly handled deals where a party I’m representing in a real estate transaction has been on the receiving end of, shall we say . . . “bad behavior.” What to do? The conventional choices are:  1) get mad; or 2) get even. Option #3 But,...
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Why “Indifferent” Doesn’t Mean What You Think it Does

Advice to Buyers Competing For a Home in Multiple Offers When most people hear the word “indifferent,” they immediately think, “apathetic,” “doesn’t care,” or perhaps, “not engaged in the outcome.” But the truth is — especially in business — someone who’s indifferent between two outcomes can be intensely interested in which one occurs. It’s just...
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Let’s Hear it for “the Road Taken”

Commencement Speeches 2014 Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to come up with the ultimate rebuttal to Robert Frost. If you don’t know Frost’s famous poem, here it is: Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. –“The...
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