October 23, 2015

Hiring “the Kids’ Realtor”: Marketing to Millennials to Reach Baby Boomers

(Adult) Kids Who Recommend Their Realtor to Their Parents As Millennials become more active in the housing market (yay!), their Realtors (myself included) are enjoying a fringe benefit:  a leg up marketing to their Baby Boomer parents. I see two reasons why “the kids’ Realtor” has the inside track landing their parents’ business — often,...
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Highway 100 Construction Winners & Losers: the 2900 Block of Toledo in St. Louis Park

From Highway On-Ramp to Private Cul-de-Sac The Highway 100 construction “losers” (at least short-term)? Easy:  all the fuming drivers stuck in 100 traffic (especially south), not to mention the ones caught on clogged side roads like Cedar Lake Road, and now — with Highway 7 partially closed — nearby 36th Street in St. Louis Park. But, there are...
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