August 28, 2015

2nd to Last Business Day in August = LOTS of Closings

“April showers bring May flowers.” —old saying “July deals bring (late) August closings.” —real estate corollary Combine a (very) busy late Spring market, surprisingly low interest rates, and a looming month-end, and what do you get? An exceptionally crowded end of August closing docket. Meanwhile, as for Realtors . . . not so much. At...
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Dealing With Bad Behavior: Three Choices

Bad Behavior, Bad Actor It doesn’t happen often, but I’ve certainly handled deals where a party I’m representing in a real estate transaction has been on the receiving end of, shall we say . . . “bad behavior.” What to do? The conventional choices are:  1) get mad; or 2) get even. Option #3 But,...
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Stock Picks and Pans for a Rocky Market

The “X Factor”:  Exposure to China Me-thinks an instant investing line has popped up in the wake of unprecedented stock market volatility the last 2 weeks:  the way to play this market going forward is to suss out individual companies’ China exposure. In a nutshell, here’s the thesis: Lots of China exposure = bad. Minimal...
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