Aaron Dickinson

Calling a Housing Market Bottom

More Twin Cities Housing Indicators Flash “Green” The “housing-has-bottomed” camp has some fresh, new ammunition. At the top of the list is an excellent post by Edina Realty colleague (and fellow blogger) Aaron Dickinson, marshalling a wealth of Twin Cities housing data that cumulatively makes a single point:  the local housing market is stronger than...
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Hey! What Happened to All the Inventory?!?

Lack of Supply = Higher Prices? Fellow Edina Realty agent (and blogger) Aaron Dickinson has a nice post shining a spotlight on a lightly heralded, not-so-overnight housing market development:  the lack of Twin Cities homes for sale. In fact, as Aaron notes, the number of homes on the market locally in October — just over 21,000...
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“Sales Price as a % of List”

Defining the Denominator One of the more useful (ballpark) benchmarks for determining a home’s likely selling price these days is what Realtors call “sales price as a percentage of list (or asking) price.”   Depending on what part of the Twin Cities you’re talking about (and what price point), the number that’s out there at the moment is...
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Realtor Business Card Collection

“What’s in YOUR Wallet?” I don’t collect stamps or coins or baseball cards. I collect other Realtors’ business cards. Not as keepsakes — no one’s that nerdy — but to get design ideas. What makes for a good Realtor business card? One that stands out — in a good way. Miniature Billboards The business card’s...
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Effect of Tax Credit Extension

What effect will the extension of the home Buyer tax credit have on the Twin Cities housing market? Check out this excellent commentary by fellow blogger (and Edina Realty agent) Aaron Dickinson in his Oct. 28 post. I think he’s got it exactly right . .
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