Playing “Weekend Brunch Arbitrage”

Different Demographics . . . Different Schedules Part of being a bona fide, “in-the-know” Twin Cities local isn’t just knowing where to get the best weekend brunch with/for a bunch of kids — but when. So, 9 a.m. Sunday is a great time to go to the Egg & I on Lyndale in The Wedge, while all the resident, nearby Gen...
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Slow-Motion Sunset

I’m not going to charter a jet to watch a solar eclipse from some exotic locale, or pay a private company $100,000 (is that what it costs?) to see earth from space. But, I did just experience the poor man’s equivalent:  a sunset that seemed to last forever. At least, that’s how it appears if...
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“That’s All, Folks!!”

Make that, “Th-th-th-that’s all folks!”   🙂 Happy New Year — see you in 2015! P.S.:  Once upon a time, before there was Ironman, Spiderman, Thor, et al . . .  there was Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny.  “That’s all Folks” was (is) Porky Pig’s closing tagline.
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How Real is the Science in “Interstellar?”

Wormholes, Black Holes, the Singularity & Time Travel The short answer to the question, “how real is the science in the new sci-fi epic Interstellar?”: “Very.” Assuming you don’t know anything about physics (I don’t), suffice to say:  the movie grew out an idea by Cal Tech Physicist Kip Thorne, who wrote a book on...
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Needed: The Seasonal Equivalent to “Brunch”

“Name That Shoulder Season!” If you live in San Diego or Palo Alto — never mind. But, if you live in the Upper Midwest (the Twin Cities qualifies), there’s a very palpable, interim season that occurs each year after Fall departs but before Winter arrives. Like . . . right now. Fall < ??? > Winter Unfortunately,...
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“Synchronate,” Take 2

How to Time-Shift (Just a Little) “Synch-ron-ate” (verb):  taping a TV or cable show, then watching it ” without commercials ” so as to finish at the same time as the live telecast. — Proposed addition to English language; Ross Kaplan. Almost four years ago, I proposed a new word, “synchronate,” to describe the practice of...
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