September 16, 2015

Top 7 Reasons Why Realtors Shouldn’t Take Their Own Drone Photos

DIY Drawbacks Do-it-Yourself always has perils, but particularly so when it comes to using a drone to take home photos. Here’s just a partial list of the drawbacks and other considerations that come to mind for Realtors tempted to try it themselves: 1. The $5k required to buy a commercial-quality drone. 2. The $5k that’s...
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The Fed’s Theme Song (Still): “Saved by Zero”

Janet Yellen Playing Ben Bernanke’s Favorite Tune Maybe, someday Saved by zero I’ll be more together Stretched by fewer Thoughts that leave me Chasing after My dreams disown me Loaded with danger Maybe I’ll win Saved by Zero Holding onto Words that teach me I will conquer Space around me Maybe I’ll win Saved by...
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