September 9, 2014

Deciding “Procuring Cause” Cases Like Solomon Would

No Splitting the Baby The way the Board of Realtors discourages procuring cause cases — essentially, disputes over who’s entitled to the payout commission (offered to the agent responsible for the sale) — is by applying an all-or-nothing standard. That is, instead of divvying up the commission amongst competing agents, the Board makes a determination...
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New Construction and Procuring Cause; “The Serendipity Factor”

Parade of Homes, Spring Fall 2014 [Editor’s Note:  Broken clocks are accurate twice a day.  Similarly, my post about the Parade of Homes — and the challenges and opportunities it presents for home buyers and their Realtors — is correct twice a year.  The first time is the Spring Parade; the second is the Fall...
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“Pre-Pon-Der . . . What?!?”

Deciphering Legalese — er, Jargon One of the many advantages associated with being a Realtor who’s also a former corporate attorney (I am) is knowing fancy legal verbiage. I mean, “nomenclature.” And not being intimidated by it. So, all a fancy term like “preponderance of the evidence” — the standard for deciding many (civil) real...
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