June 4, 2013

“On Tour! No Agent There — Electronic Lockbox”

Lazy Realtor Marketing, or “Thanks for Nothing” Question:  what do you call an unhosted home on the Broker Tour (in the Twin Cities, held every Tuesday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.)? Answer:  a listed home for sale — no different than any of the other 15,000 or so properties currently for sale in the...
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How to Tell if a New Listing is Going to be Hot

Tuning Out (and In) It’s purely anecdotal (vs. scientific), but here’s one way to tell if a new listing is going to be a hit:  when the listing agent (representing the Seller) plugs it at the weekly Broker’s meeting . . . all the other agents suddenly get quiet. Normally, agents listen selectively (myself excluded...
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Getting the “Homestead” Disclosure Wrong

Closing Headaches — Exhibit A It’s not the biggest mistake Sellers can make — the maximum exposure is typically “only” a couple hundred dollars — but it’s still a headache that can delay if not jeopardize closing. The mistake? Representing that a non-homesteaded home is in fact “homesteaded.” Background What’s the distinction — and why does it...
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