April 13, 2012

The Ultimate Status Symbol? Your Own “Rule”

How do you know someone’s a REALLY big cheese today? They have a rule named after them. First, there was The Volcker Rule (named for one of my personal heroes). Now, there is The Buffett Rule. Is it too much to aspire to having a Kaplan Rule? Now, I just have to decide what it...
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Driving in the Rain

(More) Kid Quips Caught in a downpour on the freeway today with my kids in the backseat, I said what I usually say when that happens:  ‘free car wash!” To which my 7 year-old daughter replied:  ‘Yeah, but they don’t dry it.” True enough. P.S.:  When I asked who “they” were, she just made a...
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“The Pottery Barn Rule” — Realtor Version

“What Would You Do?” “You break it, you own it.” –The Pottery Barn Rule “You make it, you own it” (translation:  if you make a decision for a client . . . you are responsible for the consequences). –Real estate corollary, Ross Kaplan Whether it’s in the context of choosing a home, negotiating a deal, resolving an inspection...
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“Ballpark PC,” Circa 2012

Yankee Ball Park?!?  Wrigley Stadium?!? Once upon a time, people who went to baseball games were “fans,” and when they got out-of-line, it was called being “loud” or being “loud and obnoxious.” Today, fans apparently are now “guests,” and when they get out-of-hand, it’s “inappropriate guest behavior” — as in, “please alert an attendant if you are aware...
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“Who ‘Ya Gonna Call?” (or Email)

First-Time Buyers’ Handbook Your Realtor just called to tell you that the Seller accepted your counter-offer, signifying that you have a deal. Who do you call first? A. Your best friend. B. Your parents. C.  Your lender. D.  The list of home inspectors your agent gave you. Answer:  D. And yes, that’s the correct answer even...
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