Yankee Ball Park?!?  Wrigley Stadium?!?

Once upon a time, people who went to baseball games were “fans,” and when they got out-of-line, it was called being “loud” or being “loud and obnoxious.”

Today, fans apparently are now “guests,” and when they get out-of-hand, it’s “inappropriate guest behavior” — as in, “please alert an attendant if you are aware of any ‘inappropriate guest behavior.'”

And no, I didn’t see either kind at the Twins game I squeezed in earlier this week (just a lot of boisterous kids happy to be out of school). 

Ballpark vs. Stadium

My 12 year-old son and I are debating the difference(s) between “ballpark” and “stadium.”

So, cozy Wrigley Field is definitely a “ballpark,” while imposing Yankee Stadium is, well, a stadium.

Which category does Target Field fit in?

My son calls it a “ballpark-like stadium.”

P.S.:  I can never remember if Reno bills itself as “The World’s Littlest Big City,” or, “The World’s Biggest Little City.”

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