July 20, 2011

Showing Homes in High Heat, Humidity

“Pardon my French Condensation” Notwithstanding the oppressive weather in the Twin Cities the past few days, I’ve been busy showing homes. Which means viewing homes with tons of condensation on the windows; walking through basements with leaky or overflowing dehumidifiers; and seeing a/c coils that are laboring mightily. To their credit, in each case the listing...
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Hiding the Flat Panel TV

Now You See it . . . Now You Don’t! Once upon a time, homeowners hung a portrait above their fireplace mantle — or simply left it bare. With the advent of flat-panel TV’s, that spot has increasingly been devoted to entertainment. But what if you’ve got company, and actually want to talk instead of watch...
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“Three Strikes & You’re Out!”

Passing on Unsaleable Listings Want a good Realtor to list (and ideally, sell) your home? In a Twin Cities market full of fussy Buyers and lots of inventory (with notable exceptions), you’d better meet the following three criteria. One.  Be motivated. No, “motivated” doesn’t mean “desperate.” To a Realtor, a “motivated seller” is someone who’s willing...
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“I Know What They Meant” Dept.

Jay Leno “Headline?” If it were me writing the headline, I might have gone with one of these instead: “What’s in the City’s Budget?” “Parsing Minneapolis’ Budget” “Property Taxes and the City of Minneapolis Budget” Somehow, against a backdrop of government stalemates, shutdowns, etc., the actual headline (below) comes across as . . . politically tone-deaf...
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