June 27, 2011

Coit Tower Interruptus

The Limits of Vacation Coverage Veteran Realtors know that the best way to ensure that your client will want to buy a house is to show it to them just before you have to head to the airport for a flight. To that, I’d add this corollary:  the best way to guaranty that there’ll be a client emergency...
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Stinson Beach “Posting Rules” — Analog Version

These days, “posting rules” automatically refer to blogs, tweets, etc. So, it was nice to see these old-fashioned posting rules for the bulletin board (analog version) in front of a Stinson Beach (CA) cafe this afternoon: No Staples No Tape No Politics No Whining No Stradamus Not bad rules to live by, either . . .
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Super! . . . Again

“Drum Roll, Please . . . .” No, there’s no Oscars or Emmies for Realtors. The closest there is (so far) is the Mpls-St. Paul Magazine‘s annual “Super Realtors” list. So it’s nice to be selected . . . for the fourth year in a row. Local Realtors just got notified by letter; the list is...
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