June 16, 2011

Voila! No More Scary Basement!

Whitewash One of the best ways I know to render a scary basement . . . less so, is to paint it (white, obviously). The floors, the ceiling, the posts and beams — everything. Not only is the space more appealing, it invariably feels bigger and lighter, too! P.S.:  Tip #2 — adding a couple...
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If A > B, & B > C, is A > C?

Cellphone Coverage & The Law of Transitivity I’ve been trying to find out which carrier — Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T — has the best coverage in my neighborhood, and the results of my informal survey so far are, to say the least, perplexing. So, first I heard that Sprint was much better than Verizon. Next,...
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The Imperative of Identifying Deal Breakers

Knowing When to Move On — or Skip Altogether First, a definition:  a “deal breaker” to a prospective Buyer is anything that, all by itself, rules out a particular home. Exactly what that is, though, varies by Buyer. So, from past experience, I know that deal breakers can be anything from a dated Kitchen, to...
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“A Creek Runs Through It”

Property Showcase:  5006 Bruce Ave. in Edina One of the interesting things about 22 mile long Minnehaha Creek is that it combines long, public stretches — like along 54th St. in South Minneapolis — with private hideaways where you’d never think to look for it. Like in the backyard of 5006 Bruce Avenue in Edina, just...
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