February 7, 2011

Practicing Good “Deal Hygiene”

Does your Realtor practice good “deal hygiene?” By that, I mean: –They don’t discuss deal details in public areas (most likely, on their cell phone) –They make sure that they don’t leave any sensitive contracts or addenda on office faxes, printers, or copiers. –The only people they consult while a deal is in progress — other...
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Super Bowl Match-Up’s

The Other Super Bowl Yesterday At least to me, the most interesting Super Bowl match-up yesterday wasn’t Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh, or Ben Roethlisberger vs. Aaron Rogers. It was Audi vs. BMW vs. Mercedes Benz. During commercial breaks, the three car companies duked it out in some of the smartest, slickest ads I’ve seen. So, who...
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“Are You Seeking an Ed.D?”

Yeah, But Not That One No sooner had I accepted an invitation from Ed DonFrancesco, manager of Edina Realty’s Parkway office, to join his LinkedIn network, than I saw this question at the top of my LinkedIn home page: “Looking for an Ed.D?” That’s odd, I thought — didn’t I just click “accept?” The mystery was solved...
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Driving Open House Traffic

That’s a Lot of Breadcrumbs Open House Signs! I certainly applaud the agent holding an open house in Fern Hill yesterday, who tried to cash in on all the foot traffic in the Uptown area for the City of Lakes Loppet over the weekend. So, every couple blocks, they placed an “Open House” sign directing people to...
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