November 22, 2010

Thanks, Technical Reinforcements!

Now, THAT’s Service One of the biggest emergencies a Realtor can have is to have scheduled showings and a waiting client — and no way to get into homes because their SmartKey is malfunctioning. That wasn’t quite my predicament late this afternoon — my showings are scheduled for tomorrow morning — but close enough. James...
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Wall Street’s "Uncontained Failure"

Qantas’ Pilots vs. Wall Street’sHere’s a thought, apropos of (almost) nothing: The cure to our economic woes has nothing to do with finding exactly the right monetary policy, or getting the Chinese to price the Yuan “fairly,” or bridging today’s yawning political chasms to reach necessary compromises. The first step is to seriously and completely...
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"The Unrealistic Buyer": Top 10 Signs

Unrealistic Sellers Meet Their Match Their counterpart, the Unrealistic Seller, has received more ink and attention, but these days Unrealistic Buyers are just as numerous — and intractable. As a public service to would-be Home Sellers, herewith are my top ten signs that you may be dealing with an Unrealistic Buyer (any resemblance to real...
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