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Pundits Who Completely Whiffed on Current Housing Market Confidently Forecast Next 6-8 Months

Opaque Crystal Balls No, the title of this post (above) isn’t the real headline of a recent article forecasting what’s next for the U.S. housing market — or a send-up by The Onion. This is the article’s actual title, from The New York Times (4/22/2021): U.S. Home Sales Are Surging. When Does the Music Stop?” So, when...
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2018 Housing Market Predictions: Key Qualifier = “Could”

“Hot Housing Market Could Cool Off in 2018” –USA Today headline (12/28/17). Long-time readers of this blog know that I put very little credence in supposed experts’ predictions (or anyone else’s, for that matter 🙂 ).** Whenever I see a headline like the one in USA Today this morning, I’m reminded of a colleague’s long-ago...
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New York’s Next Hot Borough? Philadelphia

“Nobody goes there anymore; it’s too crowded.” –Yogi Berra, about a (too) popular Miami Beach restaurant. Returning from a family event over the weekend in Philadelphia, it took me a while to name the city’s gritty, cosmopolitan vibe:  “1980’s Upper West Side.” Meanwhile, the real Upper West Side (in Manhattan) increasingly feels like something conjured...
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“Nobody Goes There Anymore. It’s Too Crowded”

Weekend Crush at Costco OK, so Yogi Berra wasn’t thinking about the St. Louis Park Costco when he uttered his famous line (he was actually referring to a (too) popular restaurant near the Yankees’ Spring training camp). But, the observation sure applied this am. After futilely circling the Costco parking lot for 15(?) minutes looking...
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Popular Because . . . It’s Not (And Vice Versa)

How Popular Is That? First, Yogi Berra gave us the restaurant that was so popular, it was actually unpopular:  ‘no one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.” Now, NY Times travel writer Bill Pennington gives us the converse. According to Pennington, Maine ski mountain Sugarloaf is “popular because it’s not that popular.” Makes sense to...
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“Nobody Goes There Anymore; It’s Too Crowded”

Yogi Berra-ism’s Berra’s line — about a popular seafood restaurant near the Yankees’ Spring training camp in Florida — never fails to get a laugh. But there’s more than a little truth to it. Today is the third day in a row I made a detour to the neighborhood Starbucks in search of a mid-morning “booster shot” —...
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