window washing

Quick! How Many Windows Do You See?

Window Washing “Gotcha’s, or, Avoiding a Paneful Bill (Sorry) How many windows do you count in the bay window pictured above? A. One. B. Ten. C. Sixty. D. One hundred and twenty. Most people would say they’re looking at a single, bay window. A smaller subset might say they see two rows of five windows, for...
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Window Washing . . . in Winter(!)

“Our First Appointment Isn’t Until Mid-December” I think it’s safe to say that there are two schools of thought when it comes to window washing this (dark) time of year:  1) it doesn’t really matter, because the days are so short; 2) because natural light is in such scare supply this time of year ....
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Late Fall Gift

Winter Reprieve Unless you’re a recent transplant to the Upper Midwest, you know not to be fooled by the calendar: every day of mild weather past Halloween is a gift. (If you’re an old-timer, you may actually recall the area’s biggest, modern-time snowstorm: the Halloween blizzard of 1991.) So, save the movies, library, and Mall...
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