Review: 2011 Honda Odyssey

Technology Time Capsule Want an x-ray snapshot of where technology is headed? Juxtapose an earlier version of a time-tested product used by millions — in this case, Honda’s best-selling minivan, the Odyssey — and compare it with the new-and-improved version, the just-released 2011 model. Evolutionary, not Revolutionary Faced with an increasingly long list of deferred...
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"Where’s the Rest of Me?"

The Phantom Cellphone Vibration I think Wall-E, the futuristic Pixar movie (2008) is right about the human race integrating built-in features and functions — just wrong about which one. If you didn’t see the movie, it’s set in the year 2805. Earth is trashed, and what’s left of mankind orbits the planet in a high-tech...
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Consumer Decadence: Exhibit A

Love-Hate Relationship with Modern Culture(The “Cupholder Culture?”) How can you not a love a country where, just as you’re trying to find a place to put your coffee cup while you’re pushing your grocery cart through the aisles, you look down and see a built-in cupholder in the cart? (Has that always been there??)Where else...
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