Love-Hate Relationship with Modern Culture
(The “Cupholder Culture?”)

How can you not a love a country where, just as you’re trying to find a place to put your coffee cup while you’re pushing your grocery cart through the aisles, you look down and see a built-in cupholder in the cart? (Has that always been there??)

Where else can consumers nurse their lattes as they ogle aisle after food-stuffed aisle laden with delicacies literally from all over the world?

And that’s in a Rainbow, for God’s sakes.

Consumerist “Feet of Clay”

So what’s the “hate” part about?

The same geniuses who have made cupholders *ubiquitous can’t figure out how to make a decent grocery bag.

As I was unloading the groceries from the grocery cart to my back seat, two (out of three) grocery bag handles ripped, dumping my groceries all over the parking lot.

*Go see Pixar’s movie, “Wall-E,” if you want to see where all this leads . . .

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