The Phantom Cellphone Vibration

I think Wall-E, the futuristic Pixar movie (2008) is right about the human race integrating built-in features and functions — just wrong about which one.

If you didn’t see the movie, it’s set in the year 2805. Earth is trashed, and what’s left of mankind orbits the planet in a high-tech colony.

Oh . . . and the people are all fat, their limbs have atrophied from disuse, and they all move around in high-tech Barcaloungers with built-in cup holders.

Aside from noting the ubiquity of cup holders — I’m now starting to see them in grocery shopping carts! — the obvious high tech function destined to become part of our DNA is the smart phone.

That epiphany occurred to me when I instinctively reached to check the vibration on my right hip (that’s where I clip my cell phone) . . . . in the shower.

(And yes, I was alone — my wife was in back shoveling snow, per my earlier post).

P.S.: There’s feeling incomplete, and then there’s really feeling incomplete: movie buffs will recall one of Ronald Reagan’s most famous lines, “where’s the rest of me?,” when he wakes up from surgery and discovers his legs have been amputated.

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