Uptown Minneapolis

End of an Uptown Icon

Sons of Norway Building (b. 1962; d. 2018) No, it wasn’t historically designated, or otherwise especially memorable. But, for long-time Twin Cities residents (I qualify), the six(?) story Sons of Norway building at Lake and Humboldt still qualified as a local landmark going back . . . as long as I can remember. In my own case, I...
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Realtor Billboard in Uptown: “Sign With Me, and I’ll Pay Your Moving Costs!”

Full Service vs. Discounted Limited Service Give the agent with the idea for that billboard credit: he got lots of people’s attention (including mine). But, I doubt he’ll attract much business that way. That’s because, once you convert that offer** into a dollar amount ($2,000? $5,000??), it’s just another discounted commission. In this business, there’s “full...
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Balconies & Overhangs — Minneapolis Uptown vs. Chicago Downtown

Minneapolis’ Smallest Skating Rink (in 6 Months) OK, unlike The Ledge at The Willis Tower in Chicago (above), the balcony overhanging the street at The Walkway in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood isn’t 103 stories up in the air. But, on the other hand, The Ledge isn’t . . . filled with water!! And no, we didn’t have...
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“Minnesota Twins” – ATM Version

Uptown Minneapolis SA With TWO Cash Machines For anyone who’s rolled their eyes and twiddled their thumbs while the yahoo slow poke in front of them tried to decide what they wanted . . . the SuperAmerica at Lyndale and 22nd added a second ATM machine. Great idea! I can think of six more nearby spots, easy, that could benefit...
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Greenway Gold(mine)?

It’s premature to call it a “corridor.” But it’s not too soon to note that there’s a mini-building boom in progress along the Midtown Greenway, in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood. The heaviest concentration is clustered on the north side of the Greenway, between Bryant and Lyndale. However, one mile west, about 3 blocks northwest of Lake...
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Virtual Staging — Commercial Edition

Watch This Space Corner:  27th & Hennepin Or, “Before & After(??)” What’s going to take the place of the shuttered BP Amoco at the southwest corner of 27th & Hennepin in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood? Judging by the “virtual” rendering commissioned by the broker marketing the site (see image in the lower left of the photo above,...
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