Twin Cities Parade of Homes

Fall Parade of Homes Runs From Sept. 12 – Oct. 4 in Twin Cities

Practice Tips for Newer ” and Not-So-New ” Twin Cities Buyers’ Agents What does the Fall 2020 Parade of Homes (starting this weekend) have to do with passing out Realtor business cards? Just this: if a Buyer you’re working with goes through a Parade home and decides to buy it, you may have a “procuring...
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New Construction and Procuring Cause; “The Serendipity Factor”

Parade of Homes, Spring Fall 2014 [Editor’s Note:  Broken clocks are accurate twice a day.  Similarly, my post about the Parade of Homes — and the challenges and opportunities it presents for home buyers and their Realtors — is correct twice a year.  The first time is the Spring Parade; the second is the Fall...
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