Twin Cities climate

Why Backlit Home Photos Are More Popular in Winter (at least in the Twin Cities)

Do Real Estate Photographers Get Overtime Pay?? They Should I’m a huge fan of backlit home photos like the one above. What’s more inviting or dramatic than a character-filled home — perhaps framed by snow — with all its lights blazing at dusk? While it’s purely anecdotal, at least in the Twin Cities, such photos seem...
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Twin Cities: Home to the Best Weather in the U.S. . . . 10 Weeks a Year

Eat Your Heart Out, San Diego! Happily, this past week would be one of those (ten weeks):  highs in the low 80’s, lots of sun, (relatively) how humidity. With more on tap the next several days. Enjoy! (Note:  any resemblance between the Lake Calhoun photo (above) and this blog’s masthead (top) . . . is...
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Mpls. – St. Paul: Home to the Nation’s Best Weather*

Sunny Skies, Low Humidity, 80 Degrees OK, so it’s not a boast locals can make four months from now (or possibly even tomorrow, given how fast Midwestern weather can change). But at least today, it’s hard to imagine nicer weather anywhere in the country (world?) than the Twin Cities. P.S.:  I used to live in Palo...
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