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Paying Attention to What the Listing DOESN’T Say

MLS: “3rd Bedroom on Upper Level is Large & Has Lots of Storage” There’s certainly nothing wrong with an Upper Level Bedroom (pictured above) that’s large and has lots of storage. But, what’s notable — at least to me — is what’s omitted. Errors of (C)omission Namely, any mention of a Bathroom, or whether the...
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Avoiding Real Estate Clichés Like the Plague (see what I mean??)

“Not a Drive-By!” “Must See!” Yada, Yada, Yada One of my favorite Mad magazine cartoons (circa 1970) shows a vendor in front of a food stand with the following sign: “turkey burgers,” “chicken burgers,” “buffalo burgers,” “tuna burgers,” “veggie burgers,” etc. etc. The caption: “we have some with ham, too, but we don’t know what...
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Oak: the “Chicken” of Hardwood Floors

Grain vs. Stain If you can’t identify a food you’ve never tasted before, the cliché answer is that it “tastes like chicken.” That’s usually safe, because, depending on how it’s prepared, chicken can taste like anything. Oak floors are a bit the same way (at least to my eye). “Tastes Like Chicken” I recently previewed...
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The Key to Successful Negotiating: “Getting to Yes?” Or, “Getting to No?”

Establishing ” and Testing ” Boundaries If you go to the Business section of any bookstore, you’ll see any number of books on negotiation titled, “Getting to Yes!,” “Win-Win Negotiation,” etc. In my experience, however, the key to effective negotiation lies not in getting to “yes,” but getting to “no.” Or perhaps more accurately: before...
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Why is Calling Someone a “Piece of Work” an Insult?

Porsches, Picasso’s, and Stradivariuses A Steinway piano is a hand-made marvel, full of intricate detail and workmanship, sought by collectors and valued accordingly. A true “piece of work,” one might even say. Ditto such treasures as a Stradivarius violin, a Picasso painting, a Porsche sports car, and a Rolex watch. So . . . how...
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“Done Deal!!” (Or, Is It??). How Home Buyers Know For Sure the Seller Accepted Their Offer

On the 2 Yard Line vs. The End Zone [Note to Readers: The views expressed here are solely those of Ross Kaplan, and do not represent Edina Realty, Berkshire Hathaway, or any other entity referenced. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney.] Anxious Buyers competing for a home in multiple offers today understandably...
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