Tina Fey

“Admission” Book Review

The Elite College Admissions Crucible Apparently, there’s a superstition — held by Native American Indians, the Amish, and some other cultures — that photographs steal a piece of your soul. I don’t happen to share that belief. But, I do believe that when a young adult has their life — unformed as it may be...
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Tina Fey as a Realtor

“Date Night” Realtor Vignette In “Realtors in Modern Culture,” I noted the paucity of Realtors depicted in movies and on TV. Well, add one more: Tina Fey’s character, Claire Foster, in “Date Night” (I just saw it on DVD). The highlight of the movie (at least to this Realtor) was a blink-and-you-missed-it scene near the...
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