Pros and Cons of Relo(cation) Buyers for Home Sellers

The Relocation Fire Drill, or, “The Turbo-Charged Home Search” Relocation Buyers — often serial corporate transferees — present both opportunities and challenges for Sellers. First, the bad news:  such Buyers typically look at LOTS of homes, across a wide range of neighborhoods and home styles. That’s because they don’t know the local community well or...
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When is Counting to Five a Challenge? When They’re Business Days, & July 4th Falls on a Weekend

Real estate agents putting together deals this week have an extra challenge:  getting the timeline in the Inspection Contingency right. The convention is for Buyers to do their inspection within five business days of Final Acceptance (when the Purchase Agreement is officially “signed, sealed, and delivered”). But with July 4 on Saturday this year, that...
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