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Time Zone Trivia: Which City Has the Later Sunset?

Bonus Question:  Why? If sunset in Boise, Idaho is 9:30 p.m. on June 21, and 9:03 p.m in Minneapolis the same day, that must mean Boise is further north, right? Unh-unh. Minneapolis is (further north), by about 100 miles. Instead, the sunset difference is due entirely to each city’s relative location within its time zone....
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Why the Odds of Missing a Return Flight Are Triple the Odds of Missing an Outbound Flight – Especially If You’re Traveling West

Example:  Flying Chicago to Denver Roundtrip Ok, so I made up the “missed plane” statistic. But, I don’t think I’m wrong. Here’s the explanation:  when a (over)busy professional books a round-trip ticket from Chicago to Denver, they’re invariably rushing/distracted, etc. when they input their flight times on their smartphone (assuming they do). So, they neglect...
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It’s 8:30 a.m. Central; Who Ya’ Gonna Call?

“Pour me somethin’ tall an’ strong Make it a “Hurricane” before I go insane It’s only half-past twelve but I don’t care It’s five o’clock somewhere.” –Lyrics, “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere”; performed by Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett What’s the work equivalent of the Jackson/Buffett song? If you’re a busy agent with clients in multiple...
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“The Human Slingshot”: Criss-Crossing 4 Times Zones in 3 Days

+2 – 1 +1 -2 = 0 (Huh?!?) What’s the best way to squeeze in a quick business trip to Northern Montana in the middle of the busy Spring housing market? I’m sure there are other ways, but here’s my strategy, executed to perfection last week: Tuesday:  work a full day in the Twin Cities,...
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Minnesota – Arizona Travel Tips

How Not to Let Your Blood Thin in 48 Hours in AZ Years ago, when I lived in NY and occasionally had conferences in the Bay Area, I learned that — at least for short visits — the best way to avoid jet lag was by keeping the same hours as your original time zone....
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Time Zone Magic

The Secret to Conflict-Free Family Gatherings I’m writing this post from Chicago, where my (large) extended family is congregating for a long weekend gathering (no, no open houses this Sunday). The logistics are a bit daunting: 16 people total, 5 couples/families, located in 5 different cities, encompassing three different time zones. One of the silver...
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