The Book on Real Estate

The Perfect Last Name for a Realtor

“Choose Wisely!” I’m not about to change my last name. But . . . for some just-starting-out Realtor who’s not similarly attached, here’s what I’d pick:  “Wisely.” Because then the headline on all my marketing would be, “Choose . . . Wisely!!” Sorry. P.S.:  What’d you expect from someone who’s license place is “MY RLTR” —...
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“Let’s Meet at the Neighborhood Cafe”

“Wait . . . Where??” Much as I like the clever name, I imagine that The Neighborhood Cafe inspires at least a little confusion — at least amongst people who don’t already know it. It obviously isn’t a big problem for the St. Paul diner, just east of Snelling and Marshall; when I drove past...
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"The Book on Real Estate"

Sequel to “Agent Remarks” In the spirit of, it’s much easier to come up with titles for yet-to-be-written books, than to actually write them, here’s the name for the sequel to “Agent Remarks,” my initial effort (also as yet unwritten). Drum role . . . . “The Book on Real Estate.” That way, people will...
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