October 28, 2010

Realtors & Politicians

Turf Wars (the Literal Kind) What do Realtors and Politicians have in common? No, it’s not a willingness to tell you whatever you want to hear (Realtors who make the mistake of doing that soon regret it). Rather, they both like to place signs with their names in 2′ high letters on your lawn.
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Putting Money Into Your Home — Smartly

Home Improvements: ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’ Pornography is hard to define, but I know it when I see it. –Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart Oddly, I could say the same thing about good home improvements: they’re hard to define, but you know one when you see one (ditto for home improvements that...
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"The Book on Real Estate"

Sequel to “Agent Remarks” In the spirit of, it’s much easier to come up with titles for yet-to-be-written books, than to actually write them, here’s the name for the sequel to “Agent Remarks,” my initial effort (also as yet unwritten). Drum role . . . . “The Book on Real Estate.” That way, people will...
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