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Endangered Species: Fern Hill Ramblers on .25 Acre (or more) Lots

High Demand Location Close to Lakes, Parks & Downtown Minneapolis Once upon a time — like, 1980 — there were about 50 ramblers on large lots in St. Louis Park’s Fern Hill neighborhood. Today? I’d estimate that there are only about 30 left — make that, 29 after the recent bulldozing of 2512 Inglewood (photo,...
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True or False: To be a Teardown, a Property Must Be in Poor Physical Condition

The $1.990 Million Potential Tear-down in Edina’s Parkwood Knolls Neighborhood One of the biggest misconceptions in residential real estate is that, to be a teardown, a home must first be falling down. Hardly. All “tear-down” means is that the home is less valuable than the land underneath it. That can be the case for at...
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“Tall Skinny” — Housing Market Edition

Make That, “Double Skinnies” I thought a “tall skinny” was a Starbucks drink. Apparently, it’s also what people in Nashville call a newly-built, upper bracket home shoehorned into a narrow lot that invariably sits next to its twin — both of which were carved out of a bigger lot after the previous home was torn down....
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Seller Terms: “FHA Rehab 203k, Conventional, Conventional Rehab, Adj. Rate/Gr Payment, Cash”

MLS Shorthand for “Potential Tear-Down” Test your knowledge of today’s housing market, and field this question: How can you determine that a “For Sale” home on MLS is a potential tear-down? A.  The MLS photos show a home in decrepit condition — or, there are no photos. B. In the “Seller Terms” field on MLS,...
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Bye, Bye Tryg’s! (At Least For Now)

New 6-Story, 164 Unit Apartment Building Just Northwest of Lake Calhoun My interest in the new Tryg’s – Trammel Crow development on West Lake Street is as much personal as it is professional (I live nearby). That said, I was under the impression that the restaurant was to be incorporated into the project (photo above). If...
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Early Birds and Home Builders

When is the Best Time to List a Tear-Down? Conventional wisdom (which I happen to agree with) is that early Spring is the best time for Sellers to list their home. Is there a best time to list a home that’s destined to be a tear-down? I’d argue that it’s also . . early Spring....
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