target market

Is Pinterest the Next Instagram?

“Is [What?] the Next [What??]” If you found yourself asking the latter of those two questions . . . you’re definitely not the target audience of Web start-up (and high tech rage du jour) “Pinterest.” So, who is? (Pinterest’s target market, that is). As best I can tell, it consists of “under 30-something’s” equipped with the...
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Which Realtors Market Best? Ask Other Realtors

“It Takes One to Know One” Which Realtors (besides me) do the best job marketing their listings? Ask other Realtors. While the general public receives Realtor postcards, fridge magnets, solicitations to price their home, etc., Realtor-to-Realtor marketing these days is 99% electronic — specifically, emailed flyers touting pre-listings, new listings, and price reductions. To catch...
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Target Market: Everyone!

Is There a 4th Category??I got a kick out of the following ad, by a Twin Cities “wellness coach”: Looking to gain, lose, or maintain weight?I think that about covers the possibilities.
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