AirPad, iPod, iPad?? “A-a-r-g-h!!”

“D-a-a-A-A-D´. . . it’s Really Not That Difficult.” Oh, Yeah?!? It’s never a good sign when you need  a diagram to make sense of something. In my case, having cleverly devised the bright, yellow grid (above) to crack Apple’s perplexing (to me**) code . . . I was feeling rather proud of myself.  That is,...
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“Please Take Off Shoes” Sign Goes High Tech (sort of)

Don’t Trip on the $500(?) iPad on the Floor! (or is it??) I did see it in the foyer of a swanky, $1 million home in Minnetonka. But, that’s not an iPad (or tablet computer) on the floor, instructing Sunday Open House visitors to please remove their shoes. The hosting agent assured me that it...
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Cool App’s — and Their Limits

App Explosion Urban Spoon.  Dropbox.  Around Me.  Evernote.  Keynote.  Wikihood.  Posterous. Those are just some of the apps — for smartphones and tablets — that I heard discussed (and extolled) at a Realtor conference this morning. Yes, I recognize their utility. And yes, I ‘m sure I’ll have my favorites by the end of the...
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